Precision EDM Machining Services

Electrical Discharge Machining, also referred to as EDM or EDM Machining, is an ideal process in machining complex shapes and contours that cannot be handled be convention cutting technology. The modern EDM process that we are familiar with was developed in the mid-20th century by Soviet researchers. The process involves an electrical discharge created between an electrode and a workpiece. This spark produces intense temperatures in the range of 8000 to 12000 degrees Celsius. As a result, the EDM machining process can effectively melt almost any material. By localizing and controlling the spark, the heat will just treat the surface of the material. 

Sinker EDM Services

Sinker Electric Discharge Machining is sometimes referred to as convention EDM or ram EDM. In this process, an electrically charged electrode essentially ‘sinks’ into the metal component. As with all EDM processes, discharged electrical pulses jump to the work piece and remove particles. Typically, an electrode is composed of graphite, copper tungsten or brass - each with unique finishing capabilities. While sinker EDM can form parts out of almost any electrically conductive material. The hallmarks of the electrode machining process allow for very tight tolerances and small corner radius. Our equipment can handle miniscule objects all the way to dimensions as tall as 9-feet.

Wire EDM Capabilities


Our company employs the latest wire EDM equipment that is ideally suited to projects that have extremely tight tolerances, contain material with low stress thresholds, or require specific finishing or surface treatments. Wire electrical discharge machining utilizes a straight wire strand capable of cutting a linear line directly through material. When it comes to EDM cutting processes, the cutting tolerance and surface finish are directly related. In such cases, the Wire EDM cutter is controlled by the number of passes from the EDM machine. Additionally, Wire EDM machining can be used on material that is too brittle to be stamp cut or machined conventionally. In these cases, EDM machining capabilities allow for high-volume through multi-layer cutting of material. Our CNC controlled equipment can process a range of materials including carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, as well as exotics such as tungsten, carbide, inconel, hastelloy, monel, and high temperature alloys.


Our Electrical Discharge machinery can handle large table and work tank size.  E-code function allows for diverse mould production on varying axis.