RTJ Endmills

Simplify your machining process by milling with Rejent Ring Groove Endmills.

Our endmills are CNC ground to suit R, RX, and BX groove specifications.

Rejent Ring Groove Endmills are made with the highest quality sub-micron, C-2 carbide. 

Our proven 4-flute, low helix design allows for smooth-cutting and high quality surface finish.

All of our endmills come with TiAlN PVD coating for excellent wear resistance.

Avoid cumbersome lathe setups by switching to simple milling operations. 

Start a rough groove with your favorite straight endmill, and then use a Rejent Ring Groove Endmill to create flawless angled sides and strengthening corner radii.

Rejent Ring Groove Endmills are made undersize to allow for climb-milling on both sides of your groove. Climb-milling (AKA: “Down-Milling”) provides a superior surface finish, and the undersize diameter allows for total control of your finished sizes.

Best results when combined with Rejent RTJ Ring Groove Gages and Setting Masters; a package that offers complete confidence for you and your customers. Rejent Ring Groove Endmills provide unsurpassed groove quality that you can trust.


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