Grinding Services

At Rejent, our skilled machinists specialize on external, internal and surface grinding. We can machine smooth surfaces, flat surface, or smooth rounded surfaces. 

Cylindrical Grinding / OD

Typical grinding of circular or cylindrical parts include tapered, straight-face, convex and concave with the goal of achieving as close to perfect roundness as possible. Both the outside and inside of the workpiece is machined to with careful precision.

  • We can process lengths up to 40".

  • We can process diameters 24".

  • tolerances within .0002”.

Internal Grinding / ID

When it comes to grinding of bores or holes, it is difficult task that requires the right equipment and skill. Our internal grinder can grind parts with bore sizes from .250” to a maximum of 12".

  • Throughout the grinding process, we can hold strict tolerances closes to .0002”.

Surface Grinding


This is the most common of grinding processes and is used to create smooth finishing for flat surfaces. A grinding wheel that is coated with abrasive particles can grind metallic and nonmetallic elements off of a workpiece leaving a smooth, functional finish.

RejTools offers high quality surface grinding capabilities, servicing customers across a spectrum of industries with a focus on valve gates and punch plates. Effectively handling magnetic material, we employ advanced CNC machinery with a vacuum table. A cross hatch finish is affected, with surface finish capabilities down to and ultra smooth 6 RMS.

Quality is assured with comprehensive inspection protocols including dimensional inspection, vision systems, profile projectors, and tool setters. Inspection sheets and certification documentation is available to our customers.

  • Work holding for parts up to 40" in length, up to 20" in width, and to 12" in height with larger size capabilities available if required.


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